UX/UI Design

I have a particular love for well designed, usable interfaces. It thrills me to solve UI problems with a creative flair!

Creative Direction

Leading by example, I understand how to implement good design. I can easily guide the creative process from beginning to end.


I practice what I preach. A deep understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript means I can breathe life into my designs.


Like a Swiss Army knife, I have experience with the LAMP stack, Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure and more.



Assess the needs, compare against competitors, identify what is most important or different.

Mental Model

Capture the user behavior, pain points, and motivation. Map out the model to identify gaps, missed opportunities or bloat.


Identify common tasks and prioritize. Rank tasks by importance.

User Stories

Document user stories, exploring realistic problems & solutions.


Build a rough visual flow of the project.

User Feedback

Engage the end-user to review wireframes and provide feedback.


Build design guide describing interactions and expected behaviors.

High Fidelity Design

Build UI design and leverage knowledge in previous steps.

... or take a look at my portfolio of non-pixel projects.

Personal Portfolio

Designed by Jonathan Sweet in Berlin, CT